A typical International Development Assistance project has the following steps:

Preparation of Opportunity Studies

These studies are necessary for the Client to understand which entities it can provide services for in its field of activity, their strategic priorities, programmes, way of working and serve as a basis for its decision to affiliate with such entities.

Accreditation as a potential contractor of international entities and ensuring access to the project flow of these entities

Registration of the Client as a potential contractor, materialized in obtaining its access to the international entity's online procurement platforms.

Identify opportunities and projects tailored to the client's profile and experience

Based on the access rights obtained by the Client, as potential contractor, the Consultant selects and proposes projects and future opportunities to the Client (or advises the Client's specialised structures for this purpose).

International Competitive Bidding Process

After the Client's decision to participate in a tender and receipt of the specific documentation (e.g. specifications, work specifications), the Consultant assists the Client in the preparation of the various types of response (pre-qualifications, Expression of Interest, including the Client's offer of services or products for the tender). In this respect, the Consultant can provide technical, legal, analytical support (multi-level evaluation of the project and its geographical area of implementation), but also, and most importantly, a recommendation of partners or suppliers whose skills and geographical positioning can increase the chances of winning the project.

Assistance in project implementation

Services adapted to the project’s implementation phase, such as: representation of the Client before the contracting or financing authorities, project management, supervision of critical phases or elements of the project, etc.