Why Africa?

Africa is a continent of contrasts. Despite its huge resources, it has long been considered an unfriendly place to develop a healthy and predictable business environment, characterised by multiple risks and low efficiency. But there is undeniable potential on the African continent.

Certain industries are developing at a sustained and resilient pace on the continent, showing impressive potential for the coming decades. Some industries still offer untapped opportunities, but this will not last – barriers to newcomers are rising relatively quickly. The most dynamic African industries are: Energy, Agriculture and Agribusiness, Comunicații mobile și Internet, Retail.

Africa has considerable funding potential, which does not come from external financing sources, to which Africa's development seems traditionally linked, but from domestic sources and, moreover, from an innovative approach to them.

Private equity (PE) is an increasingly important source of investment capital for Africa. 

Stopping illicit financial flows (money earned, transferred or used illegally), which lead to increased macroeconomic instability, is an important issue for any actor interested in Africa and a major challenge for African states. 

What strategies should companies wishing to invest in Africa adopt in this context?

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